regarding chat posted by a pal about the
recent framebuilder's show. my reply was:

well stated. i agree with ALL the points don makes
here. i'll pay the bills for last weekend monthly
for the next 8 months! i attended because i believe(d)
in the "cause". it has to start somewhere.
my goal would be to distance what i/we do as far as
possible from the mainstream industry. charging the
prices that these things really merit is a start,
assuming you can deliver the goods. another passion
of mine is to get a framebuilder's equiviliant to this:
it would be selective. it would involve and invite
personality conflicts. it would take time to enable.
but i think it would drive home the message that guys
who do "this" answer to a higher calling. (yeah. i know.
that sounds flakey, but i'm typing between cold-setting
sessions*). from the ashes of last weekend, i believe
it is possible to do a show that promotes framebuilding
commerce without the stigma of being an industry stepchild.
i'm glad don f took the time to post.
i'm off to ride...
*that was a joke.