(part of a thread regarding inviting production shops
to exhibit at the framebuilder show in san jose...

a listee wrote:
>"Anyway, it doesn't really matter I.F. I.F. comes or
>not. If they're no threat to us as builders, then
>there's nothing to worry about. If they're blowing
>our work out of the water, then it's time to change
>the way we do things."

my free 2 cents?
this whole mentality of the "us vs them" is misplaced and
taking up alot of energy. i see no reason to make comparisons
with anyone of any size or output. you're there to expose your
goods or you aren't. there's no reason anyone should feel
threatened by anyone.
dw knows i feel this way despite our disagreeing on the issue:
i say whoever replies to his "call to enter" should be allowed
to get a space and show their wares, as long as they are in the
frame "business". as i wrote earlier to warwick-issimo, who cares
that some guys stand at a bench and use their own hands and
tools or if other guys use their intellect and entrepeneurial skills
to manage the labor of others, either domestically OR overseas?
if the exhibitor is willing to pay the freight and show some mighty
fine bicycles or even some made to a price, what is the harm?