snipped from below:
>"...When/where will a generic no name version be available???"

you know the answer to that. never. gone - long gone are the days
when the big three, Microfusione, Hitachi, and Everest, would offer
up to the framebuilding world a whole host of parts and gee-gaws
to chose from in order to plan that next frame. no more cinelli with
its line of dozens/scores of braze-on bits branded from other makers.
no more prugnat/bocama/haden/sumgai rewriting their lug catalogues
every 2 years.
light's out.
the supply chain has consolidated exponentially because these kinds of
things are no longer relevent to anyone except types subscribing to this
list. we all believe in our convictions that "this" is a better way. the gig
in austin will go a long way to jumpstart a market. kudos to don and
fred for that effort.