snipped from a longer post:
>"But back to some ideal that probably hasn't been done
>yet. Something of a high-art thematic representation.
>At this point the builder would question what graphics
>would be apt for this frame. I'd think something
>subtler than the builder's name in bold on the down
>tube; I'd think something more complementary than the
>builder's name on the down tube. And also, I'd think a
>frame of this level of craftsmanship and artistry
>would demand preeminence of theme over builder ego and
>name/brand/marque recognition. I'd think a discrete
>decal somewhere representing the maker's mark would be
>called for. When starlettes walk the red carpet in
>their Vera Wang dresses, do any of them say "Vera
>Wang" in bold, front, back and sides?"

and snipped from above to make my point:
>"When starlettes walk the red carpet in their
>Vera Wang dresses, do any of them say "Vera
>Wang" in bold, front, back and sides?"

my reply:
This is a flawed analogy.
The only reason you're aware that it's a Vera Wang,
comme des garcons, Badgley Mischka, Jil Sander (my
personal favorite), or any of the names is that they
are offered up to you by Joan Rivers or whichever
celeb is doing the voice over the broadcast. The
week after the event, you'll see it all over again
in People Magazine and all the others. The starlettes
don't buy the dresses and Vera wang doesn't sew them!
More to my point, all these fashion houses are multi-
national corporations that derive revenue from eyewear,
shoes, fragrances, pret-a-porter, handbags, and more.
It is this revenue that enables them to survive. I don't
think there's a parallel with the framebuilder's world.

Regarding your question: "does such a builder exist?",
I don't believe he/she does. Perhaps it's a niche
worth exploiting!