a listee posted:
>"E-richie has RS saddles, keychains, puzzles, jerseys, etc.
>That may not clear his overhead, but it sure helps out with
>the sales of his 75ish frames annually.
>And, by the way, he spends an awful lot of time conversing
>with us on these lists. Guerilla marketing RS style maybe?
>So when will we see (smell?) RS Eau de Toilette?"

my reply:
seriously, t?m is right.
it took at least 2 decades to get to the point at which
it was clear to me that framebuilding in and of itself
is not a career move, remuneration-wise. as i've posted,
without the sales of complete bicycles, it'd be hard for
me to "get it all done". frames only is a difficult row to
hoe. the tchochkes on the SACHS TOYS page all now help
as well.
regarding the eau de toilette that you ask about...
about 10 years ago i conceptualized a marketing campaign
in which a cologne bottle served as the text bed for my
pitch. the name on the bottle was "Eau That Richie" and
under it was all the pertinent tech and contact info,
set in type that evoked a typical cologne bottle look.
and at the page bottom, seperate from the bottle graphic,
was the tag line, "Makes Scents, Doesn't It?"
you may see a version of that someday still.
and if i see someone else glomming that idea, i'll be
parked outside your house the very next day!!!!!!!!!!!