am i the only listee that feels there is value in
sponsorship? i've been involved with supplying teams
since 1981. my reason, initially, was simple; i was
sponsored as a racer, now it's time to give back.
being involved in the sport has paid back in spades.
sometimes the riders win, most times they don't. if
they're out there using your bicycles, it speeds up
the learning curve with regard to deciding what works
(for you) and what doesn't. sponsoring "legitimizies"
your products, and racing improves the breed. i think
it's short sighted to say it's "a waste" to sponsor
an athlete or a team. it's equal parts benevolence
and marketing. if you're on this list asking questions
about "how do i do this or adjust that", you probably
want more than you have now. sponsoring riders and
nurturing relationships in the sport is a key way
to get it.