>"I have to admit that brass is rather intimidating with regards to heat
>and flow. How does prep differ between brass and silver? Lug slop, as
>in more?... what else? Any tips on rod/flux? Sequence of a joint?"

i no longer brass braze lugs, but could if it was
life or death; nothing in the fit up or sequences
would change. the mechanics of it and hand-eye shtick
is different though. the difficuty in communicating this
is that most who read here want to build a frame, not
become framebuilders. to do the latter, the information
that sails through the 1's and 0's is just too basic and
full of holes to grasp it all. to get proficient, don't
try to do the self-taught route.
go work at a manufacturer, get bored silly doing repetive
work, hone one skill at a time, and then someday it'll click.
this is a bit i've wanted to express for a long time, and
i don't know if the other builders here share my opinion. but,
again, choose your goal: to build a frame or to be a framebuilder.