>"I appreciate your expertise. If one is proficient with brass, why use
>silver? Maybe for intricatly carved/shaped lugs? It seems to me
>tubing choices would be "thicker" butts or the air hardening stuff, so
>heat isn't an issue assuming good torch control? Why do you use silver?"

i switched from brass to silver in the late 70s
because i was sucked into all this media bs that
"...silver brazing has this cache that's somehow
part and parcel with quality". for me, in retrospect,
it was a defensive mechanism. i reacted. i must have
believed that folks in the states would ultimately
not buy frames unless they were silver brazed. ( i
learned in london; in europe, brass is ubiquitous).
i am self-taught with silver, and it took about 4
years after switching until i finally understood the
technique. i silver braze like i brass brazed: big
flame, hot flame, control bordering on recklessness.
in short, apocalypse now.