we've batted this around before many times and i've
culled my opinions and keep them on my blogsite. the
url is in my sig. to sum it up, the raison d'etre of this
list is directly tied to the fact that cr timeline stuff is
no longer made. if it continued to be made, there'd be
no reason to analyze it or lament its passing. the reason
the industry has moved on is because it can sell more
units and make more money using what are now modern
parts. all things considered, i think the current bicycles
and frames are better than ever. when i say that, i am
taking into account that i believe that steel and lugs are
hard to beat, but since the shops are now oriented to
nonferrous materials, there are no longer folks available
to do profitable work in the older ways. it's true, i had my
eyes opened in my '79 trip to italy. i thought fine frames
were lovingly made at the benches of caring craftsmen
who considered each and every order as it was being made.
what i found was that framebuilding is an industry and the
names that i held in somewhat high regard were the stewards
of their eponymous firms and a staff of underlings did all the
work and followed all the blueprints. rather than continue
with this, i'll just say - it's all in the list archives and most
if it is in my blog.