from a cool thread about the line between inspiration and swiping.
it's all here.

>And yes, it matters to me, there is a line that shouldn't be
>crossed,but it gets fuzzy until you cross it. There is a "club" and
>a "heart" inatmo's fork, but nobody thinks it's ripping off Colnago
>or DeRosa.The windows in atmo's frames are very masi-esque.
>But a Sachs is a Sachs.
re the boldface -
well that's not kinda sorta what is going on here.
in the 50s and 60s, nervex had a workbook that hadscores of models
and combos, as well as a long listof stock cutouts. many, many
bicycle companies tappedin to these and other combos. any CR
devotee can tell you that masi, paletti, patelli, serena, tomasinni,
derosa, gartner select (austria), nagasawa, me, and any number
of builders all used the same parts. just sayin' atmo.
>As usual, you make my point more clearly than I do.
>Certain "traits" get associated with certain people, and
>those ideas or details get forever tied to one guys image.
>Even when lots of other people did the same thing at the
>same time, and it goes unrecognized or under appreciated.
and you can attribute the mental imprint to the 70s bike boom.
it's been discussed on the vintage list (but few there get it) that
italy had dozens, if not scores of high end builders that could have
filled roland salm's mission statement, but only one caved.