from a thread about fitting entitled
"framebuilder IQ: 30 years in about 3 minutes"
the thread lives here.

> the end, isn't that what we're really buying, their lifetime of knowledge?
yes - you are getting their next frame, not their last one atmo.
>english subtitle, please.
i guess it means that one is only as good as their next effort and
should not rely on the past. as amatter of fact, the next one should
redeem all the prior mistakes, if you will. and so it goes. to your
point though - it does take a body of work to get to a place in all
this that one recognizes that whatworked then must be tweaked
to remain relevant a way, that is why the thread about
gothard's rs framewent off course. remember that one?

>a question: when you're fitting someone/looking at them on their
bike, do you talk about what you see or just silently file away the details
you notice?
i talk if asked, but i never articulate it well.i feel it. it's like alvy and
annie discussing b/w photography in annie hall atmo: "hey listen to me
i sound like fm radio."
it's difficult to put it all into fitspeak because it has become a language
in and of itself. have fun - i'm on call at the local tap room atmo.
back at 1am...