mined from this thread -

>>> I have come to an epiphany- Give me lugs on my bike!

>>> I am quite sure there is a lot more into a great riding frame than just the method of
>>> joining the tubes but is there magic in lugs?

no atmo.

>>> Are not lugged frames generally constructed with steel alloys that do not tolerate well
>>> the higher temps associated with welding (tig) thus they are brazed at low temps whereas
>>> tig welded frames (853) tend to actually gain strength at the weld. This difference in the
>>> steel and buttings could contribute to the perceived difference? Hey, I'm only regurgitating
>>> what far more knowledgeable folks than I have stated, hope I got it right.

forget the stats and the jargon atmo. lugs are part of a joining process. if you
need them in yours, they serve a purpose. once the assembly is complete, they
do nothing and allow you to feel nothing - unless it's visceral atmo.