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i'm a longtime effete elitist who clings to tradition and heritage, and when i read
shit like this
i cringe atmo. i remember when i was a junior at peddie and ruing that
my final year there would
have girls on campus. i was against the coed thing then
and there,
and believe some practices in life are the way they are because they work
well, are not broken, and don't need fixing atmo.

keep my ties, thank you very much...

>>> i couldn't agree more. the tie stays in the picture.

>>> David Brooks's
column yesterday was related, in a strange sort of way. It discussed
>>> individualism and institutions. Regardless of whether you love or hate him, Mr. Brooks
>>> always brings an interesting perspective.

gets it atmo -

"New generations don’t invent institutional practices. These practices are passed down and evolve.
So the institutionalist has a deep reverence for those who came before and built up the rules that
he has temporarily taken delivery of. 'In taking delivery,' Heclo writes, 'institutionalists see themselves
as debtors who owe something, not creditors to whom something is owed.'"

>>> Sorry, I couldn't resist a snarky comment. All you traditionalists might have a look at page
>>> 477 of A History of Harrow School, 1324-1991. Gotta love "Those who hope to rule must
>>> first learn to obey...".

learning to obey was an honor and a gift atmo.
and a privilege too.
no joke.

>>> I'd wear a tie every day if that would fix something.

the tie is a freaking metaphor atmo.

>>> Further, what the article originally described was the death of a ritual, ATMO. I did
>>> not read it, nor any of the initial responses of on this thread as a statement in favor of
>>> wearing suits and ties every day. Rather, there certain times and places where old rituals
>>> are important.
>>> Brooks sums it up well in the closing lines of the column I referenced, "Institutions (could
>>> also substitute the word 'ritual')
do all the things that are supposed to be bad. They impede
>>> personal exploration. They enforce conformity. But they often save us from our weaknesses
>>> and give meaning to life."

>>> However, the sense of belonging and common purpose stayed with me, and certainly
>>> increased discipline and scholarly endeavors through my life.

thank you atmo.
again, the OP wasn't about the tie it was about rituals.