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>>> Is it counter productive to ask a custom frame builder to build around a certain pre-fab fork?

wars are fought over less important issues atmo.

>>> I know the introduction of pre-fab forks has a lot to do with cutting down on labor and
>>> imperfections for LARGE builders, but is it outrageous to say that carbon forks are - lighter,
>>> stronger, track better, and are perhaps more compliant? For all out race performance
>>> purposes, can anyone say that the best steel fork trumps the best carbon fork. And if so, why?

>>> All of Richards 'cross machines, for example, have steel forks. Is it that you believe steel
>>> has superior properties to carbon? I can't imagine your steel cross forks are some really
>>> odd rake that is unavailable, but maybe it's simply about fit, which is the highest concern.

i don't use CF forks for the same reason i don't use CF rear stay assemblies or
have my frames made by maxway - i'm the framebuilder atmo. forks-as-SKUs is
a fairly recent phenomenon and a true stepchild of the cycling industry's growth
into a subset of the sporting goods world. if i relinquish control of any part of
my manufacture, it's most likely due to market pressure and or manufacturing
costs. thus far i have set up boundaries which keep me immune from these.
i have often said that buying into the whole CF (or any material...) fork is like
sending up a white flag. thanks. but no thanks. atmo i'm steadfast in my opinion
that framebuilders/framebuilding lives outside the lines, and that making decisions
that result in forks as accessories is for others, not us. when i believe that someone
besides myself can do a better job of deciding where the front wheel should be
on a frame i make, or how it should ride (or even look), i'll turn the lights outmo.

ps i just lost 4 more friends atmo.

>>> Personally, I don't see the issue as black and white.

the issue isn't black and white, it's green atmo.

>>> I'm guessing you are talking Al Gore green are you?

i'm talking jerry mcguire green atmo as in, show me the money.

>>> Never again. As much as I enjoy holding Richard's feet to the fire...if I were to do it over,
>>> I'd never build around a fork on a full rigid bike again. Not saying it's wrong for builders
>>> that do, God knows I did it plenty, but I wouldn't do it now.

hey mister hindsight is 20-20 man if i were to do it over again i would have
pursued my education and not done a bike gig atmo. but like - whatever. so
talk to e-RICHIE about this "...build around a fork" issue you're posting about.
to use the OED's most appropriate diction to ax you: what the fuck are you
talking about, willis?

>>> It means they either used a fork I built or they could get their frame elsewhere.

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