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>>> Define 'best'. Most US bike riders would probably take one of those bikes over a
>>> hand made steel bike. Just saying.

the journalist couldn't, so i doubt anyone else can atmo.

>>> Agreed, including the 'experts' here. Why do people have such a problem with bikes
>>> that are built in Asia??? Carbon bikes are great, steel bikes are great. Some buy a bike
>>> for it's artistic value, some want cutting edge technology. It's personal preference.

did i mention anything about asia atmo?

>>> The reply to you was also a reply to the OP.

why to me? i didn't mention asia atmo. nor did the article iirc.

>>> I should have been much more clear so as not to confuse you, sorry. I guess my reply
>>> was to the OP's mention of Taiwan. Again, I can see how my post would have been
>>> extremely confusing. For the record, I have never seen eRitchie say anything bad
>>> about Asia.

yes - so, thanks, i accept your apology atmo.

>>> there isn't anything in this industry that is cutting edge. compared to the industrys who
>>> are doing real "cutting edge" stuff, carbon fiber and steel might as well be the same thing.
>>> you might as well call it "space age" or "defense grade" or...well take you pick of marketing
>>> term of the decade.

fuck all that shit atmo.
when the bicycles start pedaling themselves, it'll be cutting edge.
until then the playing field is almost always even.
we have one bicycle to climb the hill.
and another to descend.
and one for coffee runs.
did mancebo's bike even make that VN listmo?

reality sucks.