mined from this thread -

>>> I talked with a builder who is weighing the wisdom of attending a show with its attendant

>>> costs (pun intended) when: the economy is scary, he has quite a wait-list already, traveling
>>> in winter is iffy, he will betaking time off from building and family.
>>> I know it's fun to get together at these shows for builders and fans alike. Les and I were at
>>> San Jose. I'm not sure that there is a sound business reason for some builders to attend if
>>>they already have all the business they can handle.

it helps the niche. we took that POV before nahbs 1.0 and just because
we have work doesn't mean we shouldn't work to support others who are
in need. without the support year after year, the trade might need another
jump start in 2017. folks forgot about some lean years. let's avoid them by
keeping nahbs nahbs, and supporting it atmo.