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>>> It has to have support from all exhibitors and then it will grass roots outward...

speaking of roots, since we have 10-12 months to discuss it, i propose

trying to get some of the genie back in the bottle and making nahbs a
framebuilder-centric event, a retreat of sorts, as opposed to going the
other direction and becoming even more of a consumer affair and trade
show. but that's just me atmo. no need for convention centers, high
costs, and carpeted aisles. ps for the record, i'll go with the flow, and
am only expressing my personal opinion here. in short (yeah, right) let's
take it more to a museum aesthetic and away from the car show look.


>>> the "less is more" approach?
>>> I think the bar has been raised for the industry.
>>> I think the surroundings, i.e. the carpeted aisles, the pipe and drape, etc.
>>> have a professional appearance and help to keep the bar raised. Its a professional
>>> look for the attendees, one I think they appreciate. just my opinion tho.

then it's even so far.
one vote for austerity.
one vote for schmaltz.

>>> Define "schmaltz" please?

inconsistent signage.
3 color piping.
framebuilders pretending to be "industry".
bowling trophies.